Isolated courier, you want to join a cooperative or create one? We will help you out!


Join our federation to mutualize services and enforce your activity.

Shop/Restaurant owner

Benefit from a responsible delivery service to improve your commercial offering.

The platform software

Our software enables our members to manage their deliveries and offer an e-commerce solution to their clients.

The smartphone application

An application for easy bike delivery. Another application enables customer to order.

Commercial offering

Help in developping a commercial offering. We propose also a common offering for key accounts spread accross several cities.

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Funding: against the capitalist rentier effect, we contribute!

The pooled services are funded by cotisation. The cotisation rate and the funds gathered are democratically managed by members. Thus, the couriers get back the control over their professional activity and working tools.

A democratic governance

Couriers decide together about:

  • The contribution's level of everyone according to its juridical status (cooperative, association, institutionnal entity)
  • The funds allocation
  • The pay scheme to provide services

The cooperative status for CoopCycle members enforces as well a democratic governance at the local level.