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What is CoopCycle?

CoopCycle is above all an open-source software to run a logistics platform, with usage restrictions through its license.
In a few words, you have to organize as a worker-owned co-op to run it.
The idea is that the platform is a common good, which means it belongs to no one, and at the same time it belongs to everybody.

It is also a political tool: we are lobbying against uberization through articles and conferences, we are trying to build an alternative economic model to the foodtech giants and we try to federate a community of couriers in several cities of France and Belgium to push them to seize this political and technological tool that is CoopCycle.

How is it pronounced?

It is pronounced [koʊˌɑp saɪkəl]
As you may have guessed, the first four letters mean « co-op », so please do not say [kuːp]

I am a foodtech worker, what would be the benefits of Coopcycle?

Co-ops allows workers to enjoy all the benefits of the salary combined with those of independence. We believe that foodtech workers should have stable income and protection (accident, illness, paid leave…). As co-operators, workers take part in the technical and commercial decisions.

I am a restaurant-owner, what would be the benefits of using Coopcycle?

Depending on the legislation of the country, restaurant owners & shopkeepers would have the opportunity to regain control by being associated with the decisions that are made by the co-op running & using the platform.
For example, we (couriers and restaurant owners) could decide together a fair commission price.

Are you a startup?

No, right now we are an non-profit organization, we are working on the creation of a co-op.

Is it ready? Can I order meals on your platform?

Not yet.
The code to run the platform is actively developed. But the code is only a small part of the project: we are working hard to make it real in France and gathering with collectives who want to launch their own co-op!
However, you can already have an overview of the user interface (customer and restaurant) on our demo website

If you are speaking about the software

We are targeting a launch in spring 2018.
The more contributors, the faster the project will be operational.
However, the association that carries the project wants to properly structure the software, its modalities of use and governance.

If you want to start working as a co-operator

Foodtech workers are gathering into new kind of unions in every major city.
This is a good starting point! Join or create your city’s union and send us an email, we are here to facilitate.

If you want to deliver your products in an equitable way

Contact your city’s bikers collective and/or send us an email, we are here to facilitate.

If you want to order a meal

More informations about your city are coming soon…

I am citizen, journalist, developer, economist… How can I contribute?

Coopcycle is a common good, so evrybody can contribute :)
If you want to take part of the software development, please contact us at
We are also interested in help in any kind : business development, communication,sociology, economy, aso. - feel free to reach us at

Are you using blockchain?

No, we are not using blockchain, but standard web technologies.
Of course, we are definitely interested in blockchain and all the possibilities it brings in terms of decentralization & ownership.
But we think we don’t need to use blockchain to achieve decentralization, at least.
We want to allow as many developers as possible to contribute, from experts to newbies.