We socialize bike delivery

CoopCycle is the European federation of bike delivery coops. Against the gig economy, we promote a social and environmental friendly model.

The European federation

Governed democratically by coops, it enables them to stand united and to reduce their costs thanks to resources pooling. It creates a strong bargaining power to protect the bikers rights.

The software

Full-fledged bike delivery software, it enables them to manage their deliveries, shops and restaurants owners to create their own. The software is protected by a reciprocity license, which enforces its use by coops only.


Isolated courier, you want to join a cooperative or create one? We will help you out!


Join our federation to mutualize services and enforce your activity.

Shop/Restaurant owner

Benefit from a responsible delivery service to improve your commercial offering.

The CoopCycle association

The CoopCycle association is a group of volonteers that help bikers to gather and organize. Since September 2017, we work on several topics, including:

  • the creation of an anti-capitalist economic model, based on the Commons
  • the development of the CoopCycle software (UI/UX, dev, trainings, docs, aso.)
  • political lobbying, juridical toolbox, global coordination

You can support the association with a donation.
The money is used for webhosting and events organization (workshops, gatherings, conferences).