CoopCycle is an open-source meal delivery platform for worker-owned courier co-ops.
Organize, we provide technology.

An ecosystem

We believe it is possible to organize at a city level in the form of a co-operative of couriers, and provide a human-scale, environmentally conscious urban logistics service.

We create an order/dispatch system that you can set up and host yourself, on your own server, and a smartphone app that will allow connecting to any server running the platform.

We want, through local collective experiences, to build a knowledge base that will allow the model to be replicated easily.

A digital common

We want to provide those who organize themselves with a technological base, without any prior investment in research and development.

The only thing we ask for in return?
Create a worker owned co-operative.

The code is licensed under a reciprocity license, which means that it can only be used commercially by a company belonging to its workers, and that all financial gains are allocated between the worker-owners.

Are you living in Paris?

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Until we use employ humans, we have put the robots at work :)

Below, a random order is created every 5 minutes.

Bots use the CoopCycle platform to dispatch orders.

Feel free to report an issue or send a feature request.

If you are a developer, send us a pull request!

There are lots of missing features, this website is updated on a regular basis with the latest development version.