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CoopCycle is a delivery platform for worker-owned coops
Organize, we provide the technology!

The software

We are providing a software that enables customers to order and be delivered by bicycle. Ordering is done thanks to our Android and iPhone apps on our website. Same features as the gig economy platforms, but in a diametrically opposed spirit!

CoopCycle aims to become a digital common. It belongs to its users (couriers, shop owners) and to its contributors (developers), so that they rule it on a democratic fashion. Our software is written under a license of the Peer-to-peer Foundation. This restricts the commercial use to worker-owned coops. For now, we are providing the software for free, in order to give the impulse to coops creation. But our end goal is to fund it by a contribution system, where members are allowed to use the software and to rule it against a financial participation.

You can test it here. The source code is available online - we happily welcome new contributors!

The european network

We want to build a whole political and economical ecosystem around the software, fundamentally against the one developed by “gig economy” platforms. We are creating a federation of worker-owned cooperatives, which will together use, own and manage the CoopCycle software and pool their strength together to achieve greater impact. Many delivery cooperatives sharing our values are already operating in France, in Belgium, in Spain and in Germany. We are ourselves also working on a delivery cooperative in Paris.

We think that the cooperative model is the best one to meet our goals: give back the power to the workers, by democratic decision processes and fair profit sharing. Get back social benefits: social insurance, pensions,paid vacation.

Our vision: cooperatives that are run locally, united internationally, in order to compete with global platforms. Pool all our resources, including the software being the crucial mean of production, to get economies of scale. But also our voices, to show the world that exist indeed alternatives!