We socialize bike delivery

CoopCycle is the European federation of bike delivery coops. Governed democratically by coops, it enables them to stand united and to reduce their costs thanks to resources pooling. It creates a strong bargaining power to protect the bikers rights.

  You hungry?

Restaurants in Berlin, Grenoble, Liège, Madrid, Montpellier, Poitiers, York delivered to you by the co-ops in the network


Isolated courier, you want to join a cooperative or create one? We will help you out!


Join our federation to mutualize services and enforce your activity.

Shop/Restaurant owner

Benefit from a responsible delivery service to improve your commercial offering.

The software

Full-fledged bike delivery software, it enables them to manage their deliveries, shops and restaurants owners to create their own. The software is protected by a reciprocity license, which enforces its use by coops only.

The CoopCycle association

The CoopCycle association is a group of volonteers that help bikers to gather and organize. Since September 2017, we work on several topics, including:

  • the creation of an anti-capitalist economic model, based on the Commons
  • the development of the CoopCycle software (UI/UX, dev, trainings, docs, aso.)
  • political lobbying, juridical toolbox, global coordination

You can support the association with a donation.
The money is used for webhosting and events organization (workshops, gatherings, conferences).