A demo instance of the platform is available here demo.coopcycle.org

⚠️ Warning: the demo instance is initialized every night.

User roles

Several roles are available, allowing or restricting access to the diverse features.

Administrator: can access all the features of the platform. Restaurant: can manage one or more restaurants. Courier: can view his statistics and access the app. Customer: can place orders.

Demo accounts

User accounts are available by default on the demo instance. Each night, 100 random restaurants are created, as well as 50 users and 50 couriers.

You can log in right away by using the identifiers below.

Role Username Password
Administrator admin admin
Restaurant resto_[1_100] resto_[1-100]
Courier bot_[1_50] bot_[1-50]
User user_[1_50] user_[1-50]

Of course, you can also create an account